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ccop schema

Key numbers


2 000

The year we started following patients up systematically within COHOPER.

25 000

The number of patients included inthe COHOPER follow-up study.

16 000

The number of biological samples recorded for these patients, in the BIOCAP database.


The Childhood Cancer Observation Platform is a research platform designed to enable research on paediatric cancer. Centred around the Registry database, it includes:

- the GEOCAP study, for research on environmental risk factors by geolocation

- a biological sample data repository (BIOCAP), to facilitate translational research on paediatric oncology

- the data on cancer treatment, toxicity and response to treatment, including the data from the radiotherapy database PediaRT (Investigators: Dr V. Bernier Chastagner & Dr C. Carrie)

- the national cohort for the follow-up (COHOPER), for the surveillance of health and quality of life of the persons who had a cancer in childhood

The Childhood Cancer Observation Platform is led by the INSERM team for Epidemiology of Childhood and Adolescent cancer (EPICEA) and the French Paediatric Oncology Society (SFCE).